Would you like a fun, personalized, and adaptive tool to help students improve their grammar and writing skills?


With NoRedInk, students select their sports, music, and/or movie interests and the program builds sentences that incorporate these interests. Students appreciate the personalization and are more engaged. Teachers assign specific topics, and whenever students make a mistake, NoRedInk instantly remediates and directs them to more practice on the same skill. It is truly mastery learning with students taking ownership of their own learning by identifying strengths and weaknesses and working to master individual skills.

How to use NoRedInk

Teachers assign diagnostic quizzes to their students. Based on the results, teachers then assign tutorial-style lessons with adaptive mastery-based practice. Students conclude with a summative quiz and the teacher can review the students’ overall mastery of various skills. 


The free version contains only 20% of their curriculum, so there are several buy-up options. Click here to see the differences between the free and paid versions of NoRedInk.

 Click here for a quickstart guide for NoRedInk. 

Example of NoRedInk

Check out this video from Brad Scott that shows how students interact with the program. 

Resources for NoRedInk

NoRedInk State and National Standards Alignment Guide

Classroom Integration Strategies

Essay Grading Companion Sheet 

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